How To Make Quick Cash With Resell Rights

Today Im going to talk to you about how to make some quick cash with resell right products. Resell Right products allow you to resell them and pocket 100% of the commissions. These are a big craze on the internet and you probably have some hiding somewhere on your hard drive.

The first thing to consider is what type of resell license you have. Usually this license will come with the product itself or in a read me file. I like to keep my products organized. I keep them organized in folders. Ill keep a main folder just called resell rights. Then Ill have in that folder another folder for stand alone products. Ill create another one for products that can be bundled or used as bonuses. Then Ill create one more folder for products that can be given away free.

** How To Sell When You Have Competition **

Resell Right Products are a great way to make money but you have to worry about your competition. One way to do this is to buy rights to a less competitive product. Someone might offer resale licenses to his product for only 100 people. By buying a license to a product like this, you know that youll have far less competition. The disadvantage of this is that youll often end up spending several hundred dollars.

For those that dont have the money to invest in limited resell right licenses, theres still hope. You just have to make your offer stand out from the crowd. The easiest way is to pile on the bonuses.

Remember earlier I had you create a folder called bonuses. These are products that can be offered as bonuses or bundled with other products. Adding bonus products is the easiest and most lucrative way to get someone to buy the same product that is being marketed strongly by other resellers.

Besides bonuses you also can make your sales page seem different. One thing you can do is change your headline. Another thing you can do is change the graphics. People notice right away if theyve seen the offer before by the graphics and the headline. If youre a good copywriter you 콘텐츠이용료현금화 can even change the entire sales letter. Make the site look completely new.

** Limited Time Offers **

In the resell right license, theyll usually tell you if a product is a stand alone product. This means that it cant be sold as a package or a collection of products. I usually like to sell these as they usually have more value and since they cant be bundled, theyre not as widespread.

I think the best way to sell a product is by offering a limited time offer to your list. Find a great product and then find products that can be used as bonuses. Offer these extra products for a limited time. Be sure that you take your page down when you said that you would or youll loose credibility.

** One Time Offers **

This is a great way to make some extra cash. Find as many products as you can that can be bundled together in a package. Offer them all for an incredible price to the people who just joined your mailing list. Make this a one time offer in that theyll only see the offer once.

Youll be surprised how many people will take you up on these one time offers and its a great way to build some cash.

** eCourses **

eCourses are a great way to sell resell rights. The better products will come with an ecourse already. If you dont have one, dont worry. Its as easy as slapping some related articles into an autoresponder.

What you can do is promote the ecourse first and once the person subscribes forward them to the sales page for the resell right product. It takes the average person atleast 7xs to see an offer before they buy. Creating an ecourse is an excellent way to people to buy as you can keep reminding them about your product.

** A Word About Freebies **

I would stay away from products that say they can be sold or offered for free. Youre going to have an upset customer if someone pays money for a product and then finds out that others are giving it away for free. I use these as subscriber bait. They sound impressive because they can be sold. So use them to get people to subscribe to your ezine or your ecourse for the product.

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